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About Us

We are so glad you came to visit Steadfast Safes. Whether you are buying or browsing we are glad you fell upon our business. We are an Arizona family that tries our best to help you find the best safe to protect your family and most prized valuables!

-Our Story-

In 2018, we realized that we needed more protection for our family. We all knew that the crazy world was changing, and that protection is more important now than ever. You are probably visiting us on our website thinking the same thing.

We went to plenty of in person stores in our area to choose the safe that best fit each of our living situations. We all needed something different. However, the selection they had was just too small. Each of the safes were low quality, they were high quality at ridiculous prices, and some were even in our price range and quality but wouldn’t be in stock for months.

We have been so happy to learn from our experience and start our own online safe business. We have warehouses all over the country, yet still proud to be a small family business. Thanks to the wonders of web technology, we can offer you an incredible range of safes from our high quality and world known brands. We will set you up with the best!

We try to be on the phone with our customers as much as possible. Sometimes we are on the phone with other customers or are away from our desk. If you have any little questions about our operation or details of our safes, please email us or leave a voicemail and we will get back to you with pleasure.

We are here to give the warm family feel to the cold internet safe industry. Welcome to the family!